Snoring can lead to real problems, so it should be treated very seriously. The following is a list of 10 snoring remedies that can help you regain your restful sleep.

1.Adjust Your Sleep Position

If you lay on your back while sleeping, the tongue and soft palate collapse to the back of your throat and cause vibrating sounds. To avoid this, sleep on your side. If have difficulties in sleeping on your side, you should buy a body pillow that can support your entire body and provide appropriate fix.

Another way that keeps you from sleeping on your back is taping tennis balls to the back of your pajamas. If you continue to snore regardless the sleep position, you may be dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, so see a doctor.

2.Lose Some Weight

In case you started snoring after gaining weight, weight loss can be the cure. The fatty tissue around your neck makes the internal diameter or the throat narrower, causing snoring.

3.Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, and Sedatives

If you drink alcohol four to five hours before you sleep, you will probably snore. Also avoid caffeine, sedatives, large meals, dairy products, and soy milk before bedtime.

4.Have Good Sleep Hygiene

This refers to good sleep habits, so try to have a regular sleep schedule. Do not work long hours without getting enough sleep.

5.Keep Your Nasal Passages Open

Open nasal passages are the premise for avoiding snoring. If the airways are narrowed by a blockage, snoring is inevitable. You can rinse your nose out with a neti pot with salt-water solution, you can use nasal strips or take hot showers before bedtime. These options work if the problem is related to your nose, not to the soft palate.

6.Change Your Pillow

There are dust mites and allergens that accumulate in pillows and cause allergies leading to snoring. Animal dander is another irritant, so don`t let pets sleep on the bed. Your pillows should be put in an air fluff cycle regularly and replaced every six months.

7.Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink a lot of fluids, so you stay well hydrated. It is recommended for men to drink daily 16 cups of water or fluids, while women should drink about 12 cups. Drinking fluids is one of the snoring remedies.

8.Practice Throat Exercises

There are a lot of throat exercises that reduce snoring. For example, put the tip of your tongue behind the top front teeth and slide it backwards for 3 minutes per day. You can also repeat vowels out loud for three minutes every day or open your mouth, move your jaw to the right, hold for 30 seconds, then repeat the movement on the left side.

9.Use dental appliances, oral devices, or lower jaw-positioners

These devices can keep your airways open and bring your tongue or lower jaw forward while you are sleeping. Consult a doctor before using them, because they require professional medical recommendations.

10.Try Surgery

If nothing seems to work, take into consideration surgery. You can either opt for traditional surgery (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty, tonsillectomy, and adenoidectomy) or go for laser surgery (uvulopalatoplasty and somnoplasty).

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