Not long ago massages used to be a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. Since all that has changed, now you can go to any salon and pamper yourself with a good massage. Additionally, if you get Orange County massage deals, then you pay next to nothing. Massages are so accessible that you can get one even in the airport. What most people don’t know is that reflexology can also be good for the health. Is this really possible? In fact, it is. They are so beneficial to the health that they are even considered therapeutic tools.

Improved blood circulation

Receiving massages on a regular basis triggers a reaction in the human body that improves the blood circulation. Persons who suffer from poor blood circulation usually experience a variety of discomforts. To be more precise, they suffer from coldness in the extremities, meaning cold feet and hands. In addition to this, lactic acid tends to build up in the muscles. The blood circulation is improved thanks to the pressure created by the technique. The technique used actually moves the blood through the congested areas. All the squeezing and pulling flushed the lactic acid as well.

Better posture

Tension builds up in the body as well, meaning in the back and even in the neck. While it is obvious that rubbing help relieve the stressed muscles, it is not that obvious that pressing the body parts helps you with your posture as well. Bad posture is not only unaesthetic, but also painful since the muscles work extra to sustain the body. The fact is that when you hunch, you actually apply pressure to the internal organs, which can affect your breathing capacity as well. Compared to other forms of treatments, massage therapy is the most relaxing one.

Arthritis and pain

Regular pressing of the muscles and joints is beneficial for reducing pain in people suffering from arthritis and other types of chronic pain. According to recent studies, the benefits of having your joints and muscles are not limited to arthritis patients. Since the pain is eliminated, you will no longer deal with stiffness and issues with muscle function. The reason why the technique is so efficient is that the pressing actually stimulates the body to produce stress hormones and serotonin. Another benefit of the technique is the reduction of the level of pain neurotransmitters.

Muscle flexibility

Even if you are not exercising harder, the chances are that you are always on the run. Accidents do happen and for this reason injuries are a lot common than they used to be. As you age, the muscles get tighter as well and this contributes to the reduction of flexibility. The physical effects are so impressive that it is no surprise why weightlifters include massages in their daily lifestyles. In order to most effective, the technique focuses on certain areas of the body such as the connective tissues, ligaments, joints, and so on.  Not only does the technique improve the mobility of these areas, but it also makes them less prone to injury.

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