Everyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle knows that apple cider vinegar has multiple beneficial properties. If you compare the benefits of white vinegar and this type of vinegar have, you will see that apple cider vinegar is used for multiple applications. Scientific studies show that it has numerous benefits, so if you were not decided before if you should try it or not, this is an extra reason to do it.


It is effective in killing pathogens

What people do not know is that this type of vinegar is a great way to get rid of bacteria and pathogens. People use it from the oldest times as a cleaning method, because it is widely known that it disinfects, cleans and treats ear infections, nail fungus and even warts. Historical evidence shows that even Hippocrates used apple cider vinegar to treat wounds, and this was over three thousand years ago. People also use it for preserving aliments because it prevents bacteria as E coli from spreading in aliments.

It can help you fight tummy troubles

One of the multiple benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it can be used as a treatment for tummy woes. In case you wake up in the middle of the night and you have an upset stomach, then you should combine water with apple cider vinegar and you will feel better. It is also known that it has antibiotic characteristics and this means that you can also use it if you have diarrhoea, even if it is caused by a bacterial infection.

It helps you fight diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes, then you are probably looking for a way to fight it. The persons who experience this health issue know that their body either is not able to produce insulin or it is resistant to insulin. The result is a high level of sugar in their body, and this can generate complex health problems in seniors. But it does not matter if you have diabetes or not, it is advisable to keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range. If you have difficulties in keeping your insulin and blood sugar levels at a normal range then try it.

It lowers cholesterol

Until now there were made studies only on rats, and they state that if this type of vinegar is used the cholesterol levels are dropping. It is important to note that vinegar lowers only the bad cholesterol. Also, there are specialists who consider that if you consume a half of ounce of vinegar daily you will be able to keep the cholesterol levels in their normal range.

It is effective in eliminating dandruff

Apple cider vinegar does miracles for your skin, and especially for your scalp skin. If you have troubles having your scalp clean and free of dandruff then you should combine half of cup of water with half of cup of vinegar and spray it on your scalp. Wrap your hair in a towel for around 45 minutes and then wash it. You will see the results immediately.

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