Between the ages 30 and 40, the average woman spends a considerable amount of money on anti-aging treatments, whether they are cheaper, from the drugstore, or more expensive, manufactured by luxury brands. However expensive or effective these creams might be, there comes a time when the natural course of time does it jobs and pronounced signs of aging start to appear: wrinkles, sagginess, loss of skin plumpness. When this happens, creams applied on the surface of the skin no longer work, because the lines are too deep for ingredients to go through. After a certain age, injectable treatments such as Surgiderm become the only option for those who want to hide signs of aging and look several years younger. However many consider them, injections are sometimes the topic of controversy and people are often reluctant to try them, because they do not know how healthy they are or if they cause some sort of side effects.

First of all, the concept of injecting skin-essential ingredients into the deep layers of the skin or restore its elasticity is not at all unhealthy. Whether it is because of aging or bad habits (excessive drinking, smoking, insufficient hydration),  the skin can lose its elasticity, so injective hyaluronic acid or coenzyme Q10 can have beneficial effects where creams fail. Pain or discomfort are possible, as well as localized redness or swelling are possible, but these are usually temporary. If these persist, or if severe skin damage appears, there are two possible causes for this.


One of the one hand, the patient might be suffering from allergies or conditions that lead to harmful interactions and side effects. To prevent this from happening, doctors should make sure they test the patient and know his or her medical history before agreeing to any injectable treatment. On the other hand, the doctor may be the one responsible: if injections are not made correctly and the anti-aging substance enters the wrong area, patients may be left with scars and signs that take years to disappear. Patients should always make sure they work with a qualified professional and they should never attempt to perform such medical procedures themselves.


The pursuit of young, healthy skin is present in all cultures, so the market offers countless solutions. There are hundreds of available injections, but not all of them are tested for efficiency and safety. For this reasons, it is advisable to look for treatments that do not contain any controversial ingredients or have extremely bad reviews. Before agreeing to a treatment, patients should ask their doctors to provide relevant before and after photos and make sure they understand potential side effects of injections. To conclude, anti-aging treatments such as Surgiderm can provide great results, but patients should understand their medical nature and avoid treatments that could do damage to their skin. Prior to injection, it is also advisable to make some tests, because some treatments are allergens and unwanted reactions may occur. As a whole, injections are healthy, as long as patients work with trained medical professionals who can suggest the right ingredient and concentration and inject it in a safe, controlled environment.

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