There is a solid reason why professional athletes have been using massage therapy for so many years: it enhances their performance. Although until no there was few evidence that this therapy can have a positive effect on athletes, owing to recent studies there is proof enough that a massage north Sydney has its benefits. Applying pressure to the muscles and joints is beneficial for all kinds of athletes and even for those who occasionally jog in the morning. So, give yourself a nice spa treatment!

Definition and types  

A sports massage is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques that are meant to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. The techniques are actually tailored to treat affected muscle groups. If the therapy is administered properly, then the acid lactic is completely eliminated from the body. This is beneficial for breaking down adhesions and to improve the range of motion. There are four types of treatments: pre-event treatment, post-event treatment, restorative treatment and rehabilitative treatment. Pre-event therapy work well when the athlete is required to participate in a marathon because the techniques reduce the risk of cramping. After the event finger pressure is necessary to calm down the body. While restorative therapy is useful in supporting training regiments, rehabilitative massage is good for healing injuries.

Enlarging upon the physiological effects

It has been proven that massage has an impact on the cardiovascular system. More precisely, rubbing and kneading muscles and joints contributes to the dilation of the blood vessels, the result being that they work more efficiently to promote blood circulation. If the blood flow is enhanced, then fresh oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the tissue. This means that waste and toxins are eliminated from the tissue. The least known effect is that it helps the muscular system function normally. The increased blood circulation contributes to the relief of muscle tension and soreness reduction. The muscles are thus able to relax and recover a lot faster.

Explaining the psychological benefits

Contrary to popular opinion, athleticism does not rely only on physical strength. In other words, the ability of the athlete to focus on a task is tested. Since sports massage helps decrease stress levels because the pressure applied to the muscles stimulates the release of endorphins which give a state of relaxation. Not only will the athlete will feel more invigorated, but the therapy will help improve the function of the nervous system. If the athlete is stressed, then he will not perform as he should be.

Not only for athletes

Anyone who engages in physical activity such as jogging or people who perform repetitive tasks are susceptible to fatigue and overload. The techniques that are so useful for treating and preventing injuries in athletes are useful for ordinary people. It has the ability to revitalize the muscles and ligaments. The masseur will stretch the connective tissue, the result being a healthy and pliable muscle. Taking care of your body is especially important as you get older because the recovery time slows down considerably. So, don’t be afraid of taking a visit to the spa!

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