Believe it or not, living in a healthy house has a major impact on your health as well and for this reason, it is important to pay attention to every aspect and maintain it in good conditions. Experts agree that the most common problem encountered in a house is related to mould growth, and contrary to what most people believe, these spores can cause some serious issues if not removed in due time. You should contact a company that provides home insulation Canada services and mould removal services from the very beginning of discovering these spores in your house.

The answer is “yes”!

The answer to the question in the title is yes, it can actually affect one’s health and cause some serious problems. People living in a house where mould has already installed are exposed to some serious respiratory problems, although they have never suffered  from any until that very moment.

Who is at risk?

There is high risk of starting coughing out of a sudden, having runny nose, itchy eyes, migraines or sneezing, all of which can be quite frustrating and can get even worse if not treated in due time and if mould is not removed from the house. What is more, a house infected by mould is like a pesthole for people who already suffer from respiratory problems, since those health issues can get even worse.

Where can it appear?

Mould spores can appear nearly everywhere around the house, but it is important to remember that they prefer dark places and areas with high level of humidity. This means that some of the most favourable places for these spores are the kitchen, the bathroom, the attic and the basement, since the humidity level is quite high in these areas. Once it enters your house in one of these places, it can spread everywhere indoors and the moment this happens, it is extremely difficult to remove it completely.

What can you do to prevent it?

In order to prevent it from growing in your home, you should pay attention to several aspects, such as have general cleaning of the house every once in a while as well as ventilate the house properly by opening the windows every day. If you feel like this method is not efficient, you can resort to installing a ventilating system and have the air from the entire house, from the basement to the attic, circulated. Furthermore, make sure you check your house regularly for mould so you can spot it the moment it appears and remove it as soon as possible.

Why should I hire mould removal professionals?

Some people believe that by using some household substances, they can remove mould and save the money they would have spent with hiring a professional mould removal company, but they could not have been any more wrong. It is highly recommended to call in for experts the moment you notice mould has installed in the house, because they come with professional products and sophisticated equipment and are able to remove it completely from your home.

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