Luckily, Australia is a warm and wonderful location. Therefore, on those 11 days of Commonwealth Games, you will be able to enjoy it, the views and the cities freely. However, you might be wondering where you should stay in this period. The answer is a fairly simple one, The Golden Coast being the most popular location for this purpose, chose by people around the world. The reservations for the Commonwealth Games 2018 already started, and you should consider booking yours as fast as possible. Specialised forums and travel agencies are already flooded by this question, and we will make sure to make a resume, in order to make your searching and booking process easier.

Search for facilities on specialised websites

There are plenty of websites in providing information about the program of the event, participants and so on. The great fact however, is that they also provide tips and tricks on how visitors can find the perfect accommodation facilities for it. For instance, The Super Sport Centre offers accommodation in nine lodges, perfect for diverse groups. Their rooms come with, twin or quadruple beds, making it easier for diverse groups to find the perfect combination for their specific situation. Also, these facilities are available for athletes equally, and because of this reason, the lodges come with fully equipped kitchens. After all, athletes need to pay more attention to their diets, in order to remain in perfect physical form on the entire duration of the event. The accommodation facility can easily host up to 300 individuals. For relaxation purposes, the lodges have a common room with lounge, television set and DVD player. Furthermore, all visitors, will benefit from a generous laundry room, fully equipped.

Booking websites are another perfect alternative

This comes as an obvious suggestion, but many tend to forget about booking websites and turn their attention to rental forums. However, you can find quite a few great deals if you consider those webpages. Also, since they are so easy to navigate and the results are easy to sort and generate, you will have an easy and simple process. This way, your accommodation will be booked in no time.

Couch surfing, for all the students interested in the event

Couch surfing is still a popular way of travelling on a budget, and if you search the Internet Groups well, you are very likely to find someone willing to host you for a couple of days. To make sure you are not bothering too much your hosts, find multiple ones and switch between them at several days. This way, you will save some money and enjoy maybe the most expected event in the Commonwealth culture.

The Commonwealth Games 2018 will be held between 4 and 15 April 2018, and they are the most popular athletic event in the Commonwealth history. These games are the equivalent of The Olympics, and there will be 71 countries participating at them. Make sure you find the best accommodation facilities by following the rules above.

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