Health is our primary concern among all. The environmental health is a very well-known problem that has been discussed over and over again. We hear everybody complaining about this fact, but it seems that only a few people are really doing things in the right way to preserve the quality of air, water, and safety of life. Even if outside the house we can’t control everything that can bring harm to the environment, we should do at home everything we can, in order to create the best habitat condition for our health and our beloved ones’.
Lately, it seems that allergies and asthma are the most common affections of all. This is due to external factors like air and water toxicity that reduce the power of our immunity system. Home is the place where we spend most of the time and it has to be a little “paradise of healthiness and energy”.

Start with little things

If you’re a pet owner, you should think about all the hair that falls around the house. You have to be careful and use your vacuum cleaner at least twice a week, to clean the couch, the carpets, and small spaces where your pet can walk or sit. Try to be patient and do the cleaning process with attention and make sure you don’t miss any corner.
If there are smokers in your family, well, it may be easier to say than to do, but they should better quit this habit that endangers the air inside and breathing as well. If this isn’t possible, you should maybe try using an air purifier that can provide you clean harmless air.
If you’re pregnant, avoid being exposed to toxic substances and dust. If you already have a child in your house, be careful with dirt and chemicals that stick to the bottom of the shoes and are carried inside. Always leave your shoes at the door, on a washable mat and make sure you wash carpets and mats separately from clothes. If you have a job that constantly puts you in contact with lots of dust or toxic chemicals, be sure to shower and change your clothes before sitting on the furniture or touching your kids. Also, wash your work clothes separately from the family’s laundry.

Cleaning risks

Wash your hands often to get rid of dust and germs and teach your kids to do the same. While cleaning the house, we use a lot of cleaning products that have strong scents and a raised level of toxicity. These substances remain on the furniture and floor, then kids put their hands all over the place. In a worse case, they put their hands into their mouths and swallow the harmful chemicals that are put into the cleaning products.
The chemicals found in the substances such as air perfume and fresheners can interfere with our hormones. It`s recommended to avoid these toxic products during a pregnancy, but also while the children are young and developing. Try using fragrance-free laundry detergents, avoid air fresheners and scented dryer sheets that can increase the risk of developing allergies.

Risks of water poisoning at home

Everybody uses tap water for drinking, cleaning, and bathing. But have we ever wondered what tap water contains? The water that is provided to us from the public supply, comes from the dirty rivers and sewers around our area. In order to be disinfected, the water supports a high chlorine treatment before getting to us. It would be more safe and healthy to clean your drinking water to avoid the bad smell and odor of chlorine and possible risks of developing illnesses.
You can make your own home-made healthy drinking water using an ionizer. This home appliance is useful and safe and has effective features for turning your tap water into alkaline water, raising the level of its pH and providing health benefits. It seems like alkaline water can boost up your immune system and lowers the effect of acidic foods.

Use natural products

For household cleaning, you can use vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar mixed with water is great for mopping the floors and cleaning windows. Baking soda is a cheap product and very useful when it comes to scrubbing pots, sinks, and tubs.
If you want to keep a fresh air inside the house, get rid of trash that can produce bad smells and odors rather than using air fresheners. Or simply get an air purifier, it does a great job of refreshing the air and keeping a clean environment. An air purifier is beneficial for everybody, but especially for people suffering from asthma or allergies. It removes contaminants from the air, the smell of tobacco, dust, and pollen.
Renovation projects can generate a lot of toxic dust and fumes. It`s better to keep away children from rooms that are being renovated. Safely separate the working area from the rest of the house, using strong plastic sheets and try to clean often in order to keep away the dust. Try using low VOC paints and glues and open the windows in the room.
While bathing, try to avoid shower curtains, toys and other items that are made of vinyl. The soft plastic, also known as PVC, has a strong smell when new and contains toxic chemicals.

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