No matter what we do, or where we go, we always want to be safe. Sometimes, in order to do that, we have to change something in our lives. This can depend on many facts, including our lifestyle and habits, or how much money we are willing to spend on different things that can make our life easier and healthier.
We spend most of the time at home and at our jobs. Working in different conditions may compromise our body and mind health so it would be better for us to at least maintain a good environment at home for us and our family. Indoor air pollution is a fact and it can cause serious problems like asthma or allergies. Minimize as possible the risks of asthma and allergies attacks by turning your home into a safer living space

Air purifiers

Dust particles and allergens are carried along by air and they affect the quality of our life. You can improve your home environment by removing unwanted and harmful elements. An air purifier is a good thing to start with. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier can be controlled from anywhere, using your phone. Instead of heating or cooling your place, it cleans the pollutants from the air including cigarette smoke, mold, or carbon dust. It can monitor the air quality and the level of humidity in the house. It has easy maintenance, by changing it filters after about 43 hundred hours if it`s running for 24 hours per day.


Dehumidifiers provide humidity control and drying solutions. You can choose a good quality product from a large range starting from small building dryers up to large high capacity systems.
This type of product offers a proper humidity level for the environment and takes little money and time to maintenance. The heat rises along with the humidity in the air, allowing mold and dust mites to install in the house. People suffering from allergies or asthma are strongly affected by raised temperatures and excess of humid conditions. Using a dehumidifier might be a good solution for your home living space.

Bamboo bed sheets

The bamboo plant is well known for having properties that can boost up the immune system and also has anticoagulant properties. It`s used as medication because its substance clears the respiratory passages, treats laryngitis and can reduce fever. The bamboo sheets are natural and organic and their texture is soft, silky and smooth. Bamboo has cooling properties that help better sleeping and don`t contain chemicals. Bamboo sheets don`t need special cares, are machine washable and they are recommended to people with sensitive skin.
The bamboo pillows are a good investment for people with back illnesses, are comfortable and eliminate dust mites and bad odors. These pillows are recommended for people suffering from asthma or allergies or have major breathing issues because the bamboo processing doesn`t involve pesticides or other toxins.

HEPA vacuum cleaners

We (often) clean up our houses regularly, but maybe it`s not enough especially when we are dealing with asthma or allergies.
For example, a proper vacuum cleaner can do miracles when it comes to different illnesses. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter can reduce the risks of inhaling allergens that are carried in the air. It has a system that forces the air to enter through a fine mesh and traps inside all the dirt like dust particles, pet hair, and even cigarette smoke.
If you`re a pet owner, you don`t have to leave your beloved animal companion. As much as you try to keep your animals clean, you can`t stop the hair from falling out on the carpets, beds or other pieces of furniture.
The HEPA filter (it`s) is effective on sucking up even the smallest particles of unsightly hair from hard or soft surfaces, even from hard-to-reach areas like stair or corners of the couch. Depending on what type of vacuum you buy, firstly make sure if it has or not a washable filter. The filter is easy to wash and doesn`t involve any costs. It`s recommended to clean a HEPA filter once or twice a month and make sure that it`s completely dry before installing it.

Ultrasonic pest repeller

Maybe the idea that cockroaches have a bad influence on people that suffer from asthma and allergies is not very well know. But it`s true, cockroaches carry a lot of microbes and have a high risk of developing diseases. The ultrasonic pest repeller system uses variable frequency technology that repels insects. This device can be very useful in case you have trouble with flies, spiders or rodents and it doesn`t harm humans or company animals.

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