Having a nice smile is definitely something anyone wants. Unfortunately, there are various aspects that can ruin your teeth, ranging from unhealthy lifestyle habits (such as smoking), inappropriate diet (eating too many sweets) and even accidents that may result with chops and chips. The good news is that nowadays there are plenty of medical and cosmetic treatments that can help you have the smile you have always dreamed about, regardless the nature of your problem. For instance, in case you need a cosmetic procedure to help you replace completely a ruined tooth, then dental implants are probably the best solution for you. A skilled doctor can provide you with a completely new tooth and nobody will even guess that you have had such a severe problem in the first place. If you are interested in this treatment, read on to find out relevant details that will help you understand it.

What is a dental implant?

Broadly, you can say that dental implants are the best and most popular treatment for a missing tooth. If the patient has a seriously damaged or decayed tooth that needs to be removed, both the crown and the root are completely lost. For this reason, the doctor will normally recommend a replacing alternative: an artificial implant. First, some sort of pivot is installed inside the jawbone, so that it can link to the natural bone and become a sturdy foundation for the substituting tooth. Once the work is completed, the new structure will become an integrated part of your denture.  Dental implants can be used to replace only one tooth or many, through a bridge supported structure. This treatment is the most reliable and truthful option you have in case of tooth loss, which is why it is also the most popular. You should not worry about the cost of dental implant, because the prices are quite affordable.


Which are the benefits of this procedure?

One of the main advantages of installing an artificial tooth is that it is the next best thing to a natural one. Not only does it look the same, but it is also quite strong and stable, which means that you will be able to do absolutely everything you could normally do (eat hard foods, drink cold drinks, etc). The implant has the same features like a natural tooth, both in terms of appearance and in terms of functionality. In addition to this, it is also extremely resistant, representing the most sustainable long term solution. While traditional dental bridges only last up to ten years (if properly maintained), an implant is likely to last a lifetime as long as you take good care of it. Maintenance is also quite simple, so visiting the dentist once in a while for minor adjustments should do the work. This means that you will be able to go on with your normal lifestyle and enjoy life without worrying about your looks and health or feeling uncomfortable. Talk to a specialist right away and solve your problems in the most discreet manner.

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