As you may already know, there is more types of spiritual healers, each performing a healing technique that brings multiple advantages to the patient. However, a now all techniques are so effective and not all bring the same advantages. A late trend on the healing field has become the reiki technique, a technique which is by far preferred by all healers. This happens for a series of reasons. But before analysing those, you must become familiar with several healing techniques available nowadays.

The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing

This particular type of healing method that claims to help in a variety of conditions, regardless of their nature. However, trustworthy healers tend to avoid it because it has limited proofs of effectiveness. Based on a strategy to simply strengthen the immune system, few are the proofs that this method is indeed working. Although the attempts of proving its effectiveness were many, a team of researchers at the Sandford University performing in the early ‘80s a trail on AIDS sufferers, the results were inconclusive.

The Restorative Touch method

This method claims to boost and support healing and a positive body reaction. With a strong belief that people’s energy can be used in order to restore the faulty functions in one’s body, this method starts from the premises that with increased body and energy awareness, practitioners can help others heal from a variety of diseases. Although the training can last up to a year in the case of these practitioners, there isn’t still enough evidence that this method can help healing processes.

The Reiki method

This may be one of the most widely known healing methods available nowadays at facilities such as White Sage Spa, and this happens for some good reasons. The effects show themselves shortly after such sessions, while the method itself is relatively simple to learn and put into practice. It decreases pain and boosts relaxation, while helping sufferers attain a general feeling of health and well-being. Also, this method has clear proof to help the immune system and boost its resilience to viruses and bacteria, as well as external stressors. Emerging from Japan, this method states that relaxation and well-being are to promote a faster healing process. And this is true. This may be the most effective healing method.

To conclude: why to healers generally prefer the Reiki method?

As you can easily observe, this method is proven to be the most effective from those presented above. Also, this is one of the few methods available out there that doesn’t have a draining effect on the practitioner. In fact, many practitioners claim that as they perform this method, they also feel less stressed, more relaxed and healed. The energy transfer is immense and it’s a complete cycle.

When searching for a less traditional healing method, make sure to search in unexpected places. Healing is nor all about medication and surgery, it’s about being engaged with your body, listening to it and giving it what it needs. Of course, you will need the help of a professional practitioner.

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