Are you living vicariously through your child? Are you trying too hard to become his best friend or the cool parent? Are you raising the child you want instead of the child you have? Are you judging other parents’ actions or their kids in front of your little one? Unfortunately, most parents today will answer “yes” to the questions mentioned above not because they are mean people, but because they cannot help getting involved more than necessary in everything that their kid does, thus becoming controlling. The worst part is that admitting these common mistakes will not happen very soon, which means that it will influence their children development. If you fall into the same category, keep in mind an important thing: making your child’s life too easy Is not beneficial; in fact, it will handicap him. Just like any other parent out there, you want to ensure the well-being and happiness of your little one. For this reason, you looked for the best Children’s Nursery in Finchley for him to open up and explore the world around.

Montessori education celebrates proper child development

Undoubtedly, your intentions and most of your actions are good, but you cannot overlook those seemingly innocent mistakes that could impact your child greatly. A responsible parent’s two main priorities should be health and education, the rest will follow. Do not underestimate the intelligence of your child thinking that he will not pay attention if you discuss about other people’s flaws in front of him because he probably remembers things that you will never expect. Evaluate your parenting in order to determine if you give enough importance to your child’s proper development. Your might have the instinct to answer immediately “Of course I do.”

However, can you admit that you struggle more to “defeat” other parents instead of communicating to your kid the family priorities? Do you focus more on your child’s outfits instead of sparking their interest in reading? You have to understand that building a solid foundation in what concerns education is fundamental for ensuring the professional success of your little one. For this reason, you should direct your attention towards Mace Montessori Nurseries, which guide children, but also give them enough freedom to express themselves.

Controlling your kid’s diet is fundamental for his health

This might sound redundant because the health of a child should represent the number one priority for any parent, but do you allocate enough time for teaching your little one about the importance of eating proper foods and avoiding harmful sweets and candy because obviously, the amount of sugar in these products exceeds the limit? Making sure that your bundle of joy follows a balanced diet is extremely important for his normal development. His body is delicate meaning that it cannot fight all the poisonous substances and chemicals found in all types of products sold in stores. Even when you feel tired, making an effort to cook a healthy meal for your child instead of ordering or opting for drive-through protects you from the shameful status of irresponsible parent.

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