At a certain point in your life, there’s a chance that you might witness a road accident, and you should know exactly how to react in such case. You can be a real help for the injured persons if you know how to handle CPR methods and contact the right kind of services right away. In case a person is involved in a road accident and you are nearby is very important to know how to act. A person who is not following the correct and lawful procedure, the health insurance company may refuse to pay the damages claimed and may even face fines. That’s the reason why it’s best to have a pedestrian accident lawyer rather than dealing with legal stuff on the spot. Here are some precautions you can take in such situations and several emergency procedures you should know about: 


As a precaution, equip your own vehicle with a first-aid kit. No matter you are going to suffer an accident yourself or you’ll encounter a road accident, the first-aid kit will help tremendously. The first thing you can do when you are facing an accident would be checking if the passengers in the car are injured or not. If any victim bleeds abundantly, you have to move fast to stop the bleeding. Press your hand directly on the wound for at least 15 minutes. Any injury to the spine can lead to paralysis so when you offer first aid, the victim’s backbone should be moved s little as possible. The victim’s head should not be turned or rotated in any way. If the victim suffered burns, the clothes should not be removed until help arrives. Cover the area with a clean cloth and apply cold water there. The major cause of death in people under the age of 40 is represented by road accident. Most deaths often occur immediately after the accident, where there’s nothing you can do.


  • First-aid for breathing

When first-aid is performed, one should examine the airways first. If airflow is absent, you need to check if there are any objects that obstruct the breathing of the patient. If the face-bones are broken, they can be responsible for the air blockage. Artificial respiration should be applied right away. The victim should be placed on the ground, face up and the mouth should be opened. Breathe deeply and then exhale on your mouth in the victim’s mouth. This operation should be performed twelve times in a minute.

  • Applying bandages and transportation

The victim’s most severe wounds should be covered with bandages. Various materials such as wooden sticks can be used in order to immobilize present fractures by binding them around the fracture. If a victim suffering from back trauma is moved, the spinal cord can be damaged and eventually caused paralysis, so you have to immobilize the person’s head. If there is any sensitivity in the chest or abdomen, the victim should be moved inside the ambulance while avoiding bending the spine in any way.

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