You may have heard about physical therapy at least once, but you probably do not know exactly what it is about or what the benefits on the long-term are. First things first, it is a form of treatment that helps people who have health problems with moving around and performing everyday tasks to relieve pain and improve physical function and fitness level of the body. If you are interested in a physical therapy Bristow clinic, the first thing to do is some online research. Here are the most frequently asked questions on this topic to help you get a clearer idea on what this treatment is all about.

What does a physical therapist do?

To those who are not familiar with the term, a physical therapist, or shortly known as PT, is a professional in health care who has the role of examining, diagnosing and evaluating the extent of certain physical health problems that require this form of therapy intervention and provides proper treatment to people who suffer from physical disabilities or injuries. The therapist teaches the patient various therapeutic exercises with the purpose of strengthening muscles and improving mobility.

Is there a prescription needed for this form of treatment?

This is one very popular question that most people ask themselves the moment they decide they need physical therapy. Truth is in some cases the patient can be evaluated and provided with treatment by a licensed therapist, without the referral of a physician. However, there are some insurance plans where consulting with a physician first may still be needed. This is the reason why it is best to have this discussion with the therapist before the treatment begins.

How many sessions per week are needed?

This obviously depends on the individual and on the health issue they have. Treatment plans are personalized according to each person individually, depending on the seriousness of their health issue, but the most typical frequency is two or three times per week with 40-45 minute-sessions.

What traits to look for in a physical therapist?

Choosing the right therapist may seem like a daunting task, but if you keep in mind several essential elements, it is for sure that you will end up making the right choice. You should be looking for a therapist that has several years of experience in the domain. You should also know that certain physical therapists are certified in specific areas, such as sports, neurology or orthopedics, so make sure you select one that matches your needs.

Is it true that there are different types of physical therapy?

The answer is yes, there are several kinds of such treatment and the therapist’s job is to go for the one that best matches the patient’s needs. In most cases, physical therapy involves exercises and activities, since these are the ones that help reduce muscle stiffness and relieve pain. However, there is manual therapy too, a form of treatment that is mostly performed with the hands, massage therapy in most cases, which can help a lot in relaxing muscles, ease pain and increase blood circulation.

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