There are two old adages that, when combined, can revolutionize the way a person thinks about his or her skin. The first adage is one that says you are what you eat. The second is that beauty is only skin deep. Combining the two results in the following: the things you eat are reflected in the beauty of your skin.

Beautiful, healthy looking skin is something human beings have been pursuing since the dawn of creation. After all, healthy looking skin usually means that what is under the skin is also healthy. But until recently, humanity has not done a very good job of making a connection between what we eat and how our dietary choices manifest themselves in the skin. Take sugar for example. Natural sugar is both good for us and necessary – but in moderation. Excess sugar is a bad thing. Too much sugar can negatively affect every part of the body, including the skin.

Sugar and the Skin

Whenever you eat sugar or other foods that are rapidly converted to sugar (high-glycemic foods), your digestive system creates glucose by breaking down those foods into their separate components. As you may already know, glucose increases insulin levels. What you may not know is that different kinds of carbohydrates result in different levels of insulin being produced. Things such as refined sugar and soft drinks cause an immediate insulin spike. This is not good for the skin in that excess insulin causes inflammation.

Inflammation in the skin produces certain enzymes that have an adverse impact on collagen, ultimately encouraging the loss of elasticity in the skin. We all know what that means: wrinkles and sagging. But it gets worse. Digested sugars that make it to the surface of the skin cause further problems for collagen, problems that can increase the effects of aging, encourage acne, and promote age spots.

The important thing to understand here is that sugar itself is not the enemy. Rather, it is the kinds of sugars we eat and the volume in which we consume them. People with skin issues can take a big step toward healing by avoiding high glycemic foods that cause insulin spikes. Examples include candy, fruit juice, white bread, refined sugar, and prepackaged soft drinks and snacks. In addition to changing the diet, developing a daily skin care regimen using all-natural skin care products is also very helpful.

What a Daily Regimen Looks Like

The average person can implement a daily skin care regimen without investing a tremendous amount of time, money or effort. Healthy skin requires just three basic things: deep cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing. All-natural skin care products from CRUDE cover all three in their oil cleansing starter kit.

Deep cleansing removes all the dirt and debris embedded deeply in the skin’s pores. Deep cleansing encourages blood circulation and improves oxygen level in the skin. Exfoliation breaks down the sticky bonds that hold dead skin cells together so that they can be easily wiped away along with any remaining dirt and debris. Finally, moisturizing guarantees that the skin does not dry out.

It is true that a daily skin care regimen using all-natural skincare products from a company such as CRUDE can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy looking skin you have always wanted. It is also true that healthy skin generally means that what is underneath is also fairly healthy. But, don’t forget that you truly are what you eat.

For the healthiest skin possible, avoid excess amounts of sugar and high-glycemic foods. A little bit of moderation can mean a big difference in how healthy your skin is.

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