Admitting that you need the help of a professional counsellor is the most difficult, yet the most important step towards solving your problems and finding your inner peace. Many people are afraid of going to such therapy sessions because they thing that the therapist is going to judge them or share their secrets to third parties, when in fact this is obviously not true. Professional counsellors in Bristol and not only have very strict rules and ethic codes they have to obey to, including maintaining therapy sessions private and confidential. Here are some very useful tips to help you get ready for your first counselling session.

Expect to be asked many questions

During the first session, the therapist’s main job is to learn as much about you as possible, which means that they will ask you many questions. You should not worry though, as they are not going to be tough questions such as the ones you got in high school in math class, but questions about your personal history, about your current situations and symptoms you have experienced in the past period in order for the counsellor to understand better your situation and to know which therapy method to apply to provide you with the best results.

Be active

Do not expect for the therapist to simply take a long look at you and come up with a solution for your problems, without having you involved during the process. Counselling is meant to be a team effort, which means that both the therapist and you have to work together for the therapy experience to work and to be valuable. It is important for you to be actively involved throughout the entire process, as this will significantly ease the work of the therapist.

Be prepared and open

Before you attend your first appointment, it is recommended you take some time and think about the reason why you decided to go to counselling sessions in the first place. Make sure you know how to describe the things that upset and bother you the most and one very good method to do so is to simply write down on a piece of paper the reasons why you sought therapy in the first place. Do not be afraid to talk about your feelings openly in front of the counsellor, since after all this is the main purpose of these sessions. Also, whenever you have questions related to the therapy process or to something you may not have clearly understood, do not hesitate to ask them.

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