Thinking about moving to Spain? There are some health precautions you should know about to avoid any unpleasant situations once you get there. If you are moving from the UK to Spain, you will face drastic climate changes, reason why your body might react in an unexpected way. It’s best to check with your doctor before the departure and make a list of all the vaccines you should have. Medical counseling is a must before making such a big change because you might suffer from affections that could be worsened by the conditions in the next country you are going to live. Send parcel to Spain beforehand if you have medicine to send there and you can’t transport it via plane. Here are the vaccines you should take:

Immunization routine vaccines

All adults moving to Spain need to have two different vaccines: the influenza vaccine which should be repeated each year and the Tdap vaccine. Based on the country you are coming from, your age, your job or your other health conditions you may need other vaccines as well. The only way to make sure that your medical record is correct is by discussing with your doctor. Any healthcare professional should know exactly what vaccines you need. Vaccines for MMR, Chickenpox or the meningococcal vaccine could be helpful for people who travel internationally a lot.  

Hepatitis A and B vaccines

The Hepatitis A or the Hepatitis B vaccines could protect you from encountering a virus infection. If you suffer from chronic liver diseases or any blood clotting disorder, it would be recommended to have these vaccines before your departure. People who travel outside of UK or US should gather information about the destination and see if Hepatitis A or B is common there. The main symptoms of Hepatitis A include jaundice, fever, weakness. Hepatitis B is a popular cause of liver diseases, including cancer. Healthcare workers and people who work daily with injections should get a Hepatitis B vaccine immediately. In case you haven’t gotten the chance to get a medical insurance yet, you can choose shipping from UK to Spain and get the medicine from there.


If you plan on involving in outdoor activities in Spain, you should consider having a Rabies vaccine. Wildlife professionals or researchers that work with nature are exposed to Rabies, reason why the vaccine would be a priority. The transmission of this disease is related to the bite of rabid animals.

Other actions for health safety

Your doctor might give you additional advice for your future health behavior in the new country you’ll live in. Starting by eating and drinking carefully to preventing all sorts of bug bites and continuing with keeping away from animals and reducing exposure to germs, all these measurements could save you from getting infected with a random disease. Changing the environment can have plenty of effects on your body, so maintain your personal security.  Immediately after getting to Spain, go ahead and inform about how to obtain a medical insurance. This will help you in case you notice symptoms of any disease.

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