Libido is the desire, the interest you have in sex. A woman`s libido is variable and its intensity is closely related to a series of factors such as age, lifestyle, stress level, medication, and relationship issues.

Libido, also known as sex drive, is different from sexual arousal which refers to your body`s physical response. Still, libido and sexual arousal are connected to each other – if one is higher, the other one is more intense too.

Age influences a lot a woman`s libido. When young, most women have a great sex drive, but as they get older, the desire dramatically diminishes because of changes in their lifestyle. Sex is no longer a priority in their lives, as things like work, kids, and homemaking occupy a lot of their time. At the end of a busy day, all they want to do is reading a good book or watching some TV instead of having sex.

Increase Women Libido

Sex is very important in any relationship, so it should not be neglected. You can schedule sex into the calendar if you think there is no other chance. Reserve at least two nights per week to have sex. Make it more interesting by bringing new stuff into the bedroom such as sexy video, sex toys or new sex positions.

Don`t let stress, fears or anxieties ruin your sex life. Problems related to family, money or relationship can lower a lot your libido. There are also fears of getting pregnant or of sexual transmitted diseases that contribute to a lower libido. The solution is to try to have a healthy body and mind. If these negative mindsets decrease your libido and you cannot surpass them by your own, see a psychologist, marriage counselor, or life coach.

It is almost inevitable to be bored by your partner. The solution for getting over routine and boredom in the bedroom is to approach sex as a new experience. Talk to your partner what you would like to try in bed and spice up your sex life with sex toys, sexy role plays, or inspiring videos and illustrations.

A conflict left unsolved between you and your partner can also cause a decrease in your sex drive. If you have negative feelings about him, your attraction for him fades away. Try to have a great communication with your partner and don`t let resentments ruin your relationship. Discuss any problem before it becomes a burden.

Another key to increase your libido is being satisfied with the way to look. Remember that nobody is perfect, so accept you little imperfections and you will enjoy sex better.

Menopause and decreased testosterone are libido killers too, so see a doctor is you going through these processes. It is very important to fully understand the changes in your body. In this case, some remedies that can increase libido are the use of Estrogens and hormonal therapy.

There are some medications that can lead to a low libido. Birth control pills, high blood pressure pills, mood stabilizers and tranquilisers are just a few categories of medication that affects a woman`s libido. You should talk to your doctor the side effects of these medications before using them.

Depression is also a cause for decreased sex drive. Among the signs of depression there are sadness, anger, emotionality, upset, or listlessness. Studies reveal that 70% of depressed people experience a lowered libido.

Medical disorders such as thyroid problems, metabolic disorders, or hormone deficiency can also lead to a lower sexual desire. One of five American women has hypoactive sexual desire disorder, commonly known as low libido, so consult a doctor if nothing seems to work in the attempt to increase you libido.

Although it is the women who complain most often about a low libido, men are not spared from this type of problems. However, when it comes to men, the problems are more likely to be physical than emotional. Nevertheless, there are solutions for every problem. A healthier lifestyle and some erectile dysfunctions pills can make miracles for a man’s love live. However, it is best if you stay away from synthetic potency drugs as they can affect the male fertility. Natural supplements on the other hand are a lot safer. On the website, you can find more information on how to deal with this type of problems.

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