The medical world is evolving thanks to developments in technology and the availability of low-cost travel options. Nowadays, people can receive medical care and treatment in countries other than their own. For those working in the healthcare industry, there is no room for error when lives are at stake. Even the tiniest mistake can make the difference between life and death. Although medicine and translation seem to be unrelated at first glance, they are in fact inseparable. When you think about medical translation, you do not think of it as a killer, but it is. Poor translation causes big problems, which is the reason why only professionals with knowledge of specialized terminology should handle medical translations. Knowing how to make yourself understood in different languages is not the same thing as knowing how to translate. Here are some ways in which medical translation saves lives.

Providing medical treatment for travellers

It is not unusual for people to travel to other countries for medical care. Treatment is more often than not cheaper and the healthcare facilities are better. Unfortunately, the language barrier undermines the patient’s recovery. The patient is not able to describe what is going on. Communication is thus impaired. Or not? Thanks to medical translation, it is no longer difficult to communicate and receive proper care. A competent translator renders out and even explains the history of the patient, their hardship, and translates all the healthcare documents needing to be signed. The doctor and the nurses will be better informed, but so will the patient. They will know what procedures they have to undergo.  

Preventing labelling medication errors

Medication errors are typically associated with the labelling. No matter the country you live in, if you sell products internationally, you are required to comply with certain standards. Unquestionably, you have to ensure that the medication is dispensed with translated labelling. The label not only tells you what you are buying but also provides important information about storage conditions and how it can be used for the best results. Therefore, an error on the medication label can lead to an overdose. Hiring pharmaceutical translation services is essential to prevent the likelihood of medication errors.

Translating health and medical research

Academic translation specialises in translating research papers from one language to the other. People in the healthcare industry conduct research all the time, addressing public health problems or how healthcare services can be improved, and it is necessary to translate these findings into different languages. The translation of academic writing contributes to the improvement of health, medical research, and explaining therapeutic procedures. Medical findings are translated into practice and health outcomes.  

These are only some ways in which medical translation saves lives. There is not enough room for a long enumeration. What you need to keep in mind is that messages no longer get mixed when doctors and patients talk, pharmaceutical labels are readable, and medical research is available in different languages. To avoid life-threatening mistakes, it is best to hire a translator who is fluent in medical terminology and who has a good knowledge of the source and target languages.


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