Being a woman is an everyday challenge because there are so many things that you have to take into consideration nowadays. Firstly, you should study and then find a way of making your career successful. Secondly, taking care of your body is also essential. Beauty advisers say that modern women should be always attractive. Thirdly, you should be able to cope with stress. Psychologists say that women have the tendency to feel things more intense and also to treat everything that happens to them as something dramatic. But there is a good solution: playing netball – a sport which is similar to basketball, but which comes with different rules. In case you ask where to play social netball in London, experts say that you have nothing to worry because you can join a league.

The advantages of playing netball by joining a league:

  • Being healthy. There are many persons who claim that combining a healthy diet with sport is the main ingredient for keeping healthy. Needless to say that it is the perfect solution for those women who spend many hours in the front of their computer.
  • Getting rid of kilos. Netball is a fast sport which involves using all of your body parts because you have to run, jump, throw and catch the ball. It is also the equivalent to several gym hours and it will definitely help you get rid of some kilos.
  • Joining a netball league also means forgetting about stress. You can play it after you finish your working program. In case things are becoming too overwhelming and difficult to handle, you can clear your mind by playing this sport.
  • Socialising more. Netball is a sport played by two teams of seven players and it is the perfect solution for finding other women who have the same hobby.

How to improve your netball performance:

Learning the rules is essential. Even if this sport is similar to basket, the rules are different. Therefore, before joining a netball league, you should learn how to play. On the other hand, “Practice makes perfect”, they say. This means that you will have to play netball as many times as you can. During weekends, many London courts are empty and you can go there and practice it. In case you do not like playing on your own, you can ask your friends to come and keep you company. Netball is also a good solution for mothers who want to spend more time with their daughters. Last but not least, if you have a garden or a large yard, you can invest in a ball which is especially designed for this sport and get some shots in every day.


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