Breast reduction – reduction mammoplasty – is a surgical procedure involving the reduction of breast size in order to decrease weight and to re-establish a functional bust. More and more women are having breast reduction and this doesn’t come as a surprise. Big breast affect the quality of life, hindering women from doing things simple like collecting the mail. Having big breasts makes anybody’s life a misery. If you too have a big bust, you should consider doing something about it. We recommend only experienced and reputable plastic surgeons like, the last thing you want is a cowboy working on your permanent appearance! Not only do large breasts affect the quality of your life, but also your health. The health risks associated with having a big cup size might just surprise you.

Chronic pain             

Pain, more precisely back pain, is a common condition among women with a big bust. Despite the fact that the upper part of the spine is very strong, it cannot withstand the weight of the breasts. The extra weight puts pressure on the spinal column because of the action of gravity. What happens is that with time you develop back problems, which manifest themselves in the form of pain. The heavy breasts cause the spine to lean back so as to support the weight on the chest. Hence, the pain.  If you are already experiencing back pain, you need to take measures immediately because the pain can become chronic. Chronic pain lasts for hours at an end, not letting you carry out day-to-day operations. No matter how much medication you take, you will still experience physical suffering.

Discoloration under the breasts

If you are a plus-sized woman, then you most likely have discoloration under the breasts. Skin discoloration doesn’t go away and many women think that it is completely unrelated to breast size, but it is. The reason why you experience discoloration is that the capillaries are damaged. They leak small amounts of blood, blood that gets trapped under the skin. The capillaries don’t heal because there is no air movement. Another thing that causes skin discoloration is bacteria. The skin infection appears underneath the breasts because the area is warm and moist.

Having large breasts is disappointing, isn’t it?

Physical and psychological impairment       

Big breasts limit your physical functioning, thus negatively affecting your quality of life. The consequences of having a large chest include not being able to engage in sports. Exercising is one of the things that you cannot get away with. The additional weight on the chest makes it harder for you to find suitable workout clothes, not to mention that it impairs your movement. Having large breast certainly didn’t make things harder for Simona Halep. The professional tennis player doesn’t owe her success to her breast size, but having a smaller cup size certainly helped her take her game to the next level. The fact is that you can do exercise, but you will feel uncomfortable.

Very few people talk about the emotional distress caused by bug busts. As surprising as it may seem, having a big breast size cup affects your mental health. On the one hand, you get undesired attention from gentlemen. Men look at your breast very much, which is awkward. On the other hand, you stand out as not being normal. When you see other women, you will be miserable for having developed large breasts. The good news is that you can fix the situation. Reduction mammoplasty is performed quickly at a surgical centre and the results are immediately visible. Plus, you won’t spend too much time recovering from surgery.

Breathing difficulty

Not many realise that big breasts affect their breathing. Having a big bust is similar to having extra weight on your chest. But you already know that. What you aren’t aware of is that this additional weight puts a strain on the lungs. Breathing issues are something to worry about. Shortness of breath is the most common complaint among women. It this condition dangerous? Yes. Shortness of breath indicates serious breathing issues. Changing your habits won’t help you with your respiratory problems, but breast reduction will. If you are short of breath, schedule an appointment with a doctor right away. Even if things aren’t bad, you still need to see a specialist.

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