Social security is a matter that is not enough discussed. There are several facts about this that should be acknowledged by each and every citizen of a country. Old age pensions are a subject that will eventually concern everyone and this is why you should understand what social security is all about, especially in this field. Besides old age, there are conditions such as children maintenance, morbid diseases, unemployment or disability benefits that are included in the programme of social security. Here’s what you might want to know about social security depending on the country you are living in:


In France the social security is parted in three pain categories: for retirement, for family, work and occupational disease. These are called organisms which work independently. There are different regimes according to which the citizens are divided: general, farm and self-employment. For instance, securite sociale Seine Saint Denis offers allowances by branch. This means you can get insurance for sickness causes, for a universal health coverage, for accidents at work, the ASPA (Allocation de Solidarité aux Personnes Agées) programme, family or retirement. People need to pay contributions from their wages. For social security there are usual actual contributions which are more than half of the total revenue (insured and employers), along with fictitious, public and assigned contributions which represent less than a third of the total revenue.


The Swedish welfare system is a little bit different than the aforementioned one in terms of division and taxes. There are several categories like child allowance or parental benefits, allowance for houses, ill and disabled benefits and support offerings for the elderly. In Sweden, if someone has a low income or no income at all they can apply for a welfare offering at the local municipality. This is granted by simply checking the background of the person and it will be determined if according the welfare is justified. The welfare in Sweden covers house taxes, necessary food, basic clothing and telephone plans.

United Kingdom

In UK, the social security is called National Insurance system of taxes. Employees and employers pay taxes that are mainly used for the foundation of the insurance system. The contribution classes are numbered from 1 to 4 and they represent the equivalent of primary and non-primary contributors. United Kingdom has a NIC credit system which means that people who are not employed can still opt for insurance if they earn enough NIC credits. For each person in UK there is an individual National Insurance number called a NI to administer the system easier.

United States

In the United States, the social security system is most used for federal elderly, survivors and disability-suffering persons. There are also benefits for retirement, widowers, children and welfare. Like in the United Kingdom, each person will be granted a social security number for demographic and revenue projection reasons. The marital status can also change the requirements for such system. They have a strong anti-fraud and abuse sector for avoiding unwanted events and social security number theft.

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