The main role and promise of the Atkins diet is that you will gain a lot of weight and you won’t suffer of hunger and all these will be possible because this is carbohydrate diet. Other benefits that you will have by following up the Atkins diet are: a healthier heart, a better memory function and many wellness benefits.

The theory of the Atkins diet is that overweight people are eating too many carbohydrates and our bodies to have energy will burn fat and carbs, but the main fuels are the carbs. In conclusion, if you reduce the amount of carb from your meals you will start burning more proteins and fats from your body and we will help our organism to lose weight naturally from our natural fat storage.

Many people chose the Atkins diet not only to lose weight but also for preventing many diseases and to regain their good health.

If you start the Atkins diet you will observe that your body will burn its own fat as fuel to have energy trough out the whole day. This state is known as the ketosis state. A person that is in this state is getting its’ energy from ketones (tiny carbon fragments created by the fat stores). Because of this state you will feel lees hungry and of course you will eat less.

Due to the Atkins diet your body will turn into a fat-burning engine. All your fat stores (the hips, belly, thunder thighs are known as the spots were the fat is gathering too much) will be burned because they become the primary fuel for you to get your energy that you need every day. And guess what the result is: you will lose weight!

Let’s see what happens with a high-carbohydrate meal after you eat it: the sugar from carbs will quickly enter the bloodstreams; to avoid a high level of sugar in the body our organism will secrete insulin; insulin will allow the amount of extra sugar to be stored in the liver and muscle and when it comes to its maximum capacity will converts all the extra sugar into fat that we want to get rid. So that’s why the Atkins diet is carb less diet.

Also, the Atkins diet aware you from the carbs-high consume of meals: all this amount of sugar will turn you into a diabetic person if you won’t be careful!

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