Have you known that everything you do says something about your personality? Not only the clothes you wear, the colours you like, the friends you have, but also the liquid that you choose for your electronic cigarettes. Even if it seems hard to believe, there are huge differences between people when it comes to electronic cigarettes. For example, there are some who prefer something fresh that involves the flavour of different types of fruit, whereas others choose to go for something sweet like the famous flavour of 3bubbles which reminds them about childhood times. But before discussing about the flavour, you show know which the benefits of using electronic cigarettes are.


Advantages of using electronic cigarettes


First of all, you have to know that experts say that they represent a better alternative for your health. According to them, using electronic cigarettes doesn’t put your life in danger and they are a good option if you intend to give up smoking.  For a better understanding, their role is to imitate the act of smoking, but without such harmful effects. It’s said that the traditional cigarette can contain a thousand times more carcinogen substances than an electronic one.


Secondly, you should notice the absence of the bad smell. Regular cigarettes usually produce a very annoying smell that can cause the other people around you really bad headaches. So, instead of smoke you can use an electric vaporizer. Even if it seems hard to believe, the electronic cigarette is nothing modern alternative for smokers. It’s used since 1930 and it was patented by Joseph Robinson.


Thirdly, there are some places where you are allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes, but the traditional ones are forbidden. For example, if you go somewhere to drink your tea or coffee, you can use your electronic cigarette, without any problem. The same things are applied in case you want to go to a restaurant. But, if you want to use the electronic cigarette in the interior of the plane, you should know that you are not allowed to do so. On the other hand, it is true that there are some exceptions. There are countries where the rules forbid you to use electronic cigarettes in the interior of the institutions, even if they are less harmful than the other types of cigarettes.


Fourthly, using these types of products can help you make some savings. It’s cheaper to buy liquids that to buy a different pack of cigarettes every day.



Choose different types of electronic cigarettes liquids


There are a lot of flavours when it comes to electronic cigarettes, but the most popular of them are the fruit ones. For example, if you like apples, you can choose to buy something that smells and taste like apples. Also, very fashionable lately are the ones called 3bubbles and they can remind you of the tasty bubble gum that you use to buy when you were a kid. On the other hand, if you don’t like any of these flavours (but it’s hard to imagine that because there are thousands of types) you can go for something simple, using the principle “less is more”.

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