A couple of concepts, such as productivity, health and happiness, although they might seem different, are in a strong relationship. A great health and a happy life do make us more productive, in fact and although many companies declare they invest in their employees’ well-being, few have comprehensive wellness programs. The health outcomes of a comprehensive wellness program translate into higher rates of productivity. Interested companies can research their options on pages such as bluecresthealthscreening.co.uk and find out what similar programs are suitable for their company. The health outcomes translate in weight loss and obesity prevention, smoking cessation, and a higher morale, amongst others. The business outcomes translate into lower rates if absenteeism due to illness, happier and more productive employees. As you can easily observe, all the parts involved in this equation have something to get from such programs. But what are some signs of a truly successful corporate wellness program?  

Health conscious work environment

A couple of internal measures that are able to maintain the employees’ health in proper parameters must back up the corporate health screening programs. For instance, all the junk-food vending machines are replaced by healthy snacks vending machines, natural juices replace all the soda and the food found at the cafeteria, if there is one, is healthy as well. It is not enough to make sure your employees do their periodic health checks. You must help them maintain their health. Also, maintaining proper noise levels is something large corporations must look into, as well as making sure that their employees take regular breaks.

Health screening and counselling are offered

In order to have a productive company, you must make sure you understand what your workforce’s health concerns and necessities are. If you are interested in a couple of options, you can click here. However, productivity and health are in a strong relationship, if one declines the other following closely. There are necessary periodic vision tests, BMI screening, blood sugar tests, blood cholesterol tests, heart rate and pulse screening, as well as a throughout analysis of one’s health history in order to understand their general health state. These tests are necessary to take place in the presence of highly trained health advisors, and each employee must benefit from a set of rules in order to remain healthy. Also, all illnesses discovered during these tests must be discussed with the employee in matter, and their evolution must be continuously supervised.

Gym memberships and fitness challenges are included in the company’s philosophy

You know that a company really cares for their employees’ heath when they put a great effort into getting them into exercising. In the age in which obesity is considered a plague, gym memberships for employees, periodic collective fitness challenges and competitions, come as a big aid in this matter. These competitions must be included in the company’s culture and cultivated from the top to the bottom. Employees are more likely to follow their superior’s example.  


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