Hair loss is a problem most men have to confront at some point in their life. Being part of the aging process, most men experience hair loss as they grow older, but there are also men who are balding from their early 20`s.

Male pattern baldness cannot be cured, but there are ways that can help and lead to improvements, as you can see from the tips below.

Stop Men Hair Loss

– Wear your hair short, because this way the pressure on the hair follicles is lighter than in the case of longer hair. Moreover, shorter hair means less hair loss and better possibility to keep your scalp cleaner.

– Try to provide good hygiene to your scalp. Wash your hair regularly and rinse it well.

Have a healthy diet, with sufficient protein, and take multivitamin made for men. An adequate diet means health, including for your hair. Proteins are very important for the hair, so if you are vegan or vegetarian make sure you include enough protein in your diet, as hair start falling after people give up eating meat. Also eat iron-rich foods.

– Stress can contribute to hair loss in men, so start to relax.
Use products that contain minoxidil. It was clinically proven that minoxidil stop hair loss and promote re-growth. This substance is sold as Regaine and comes in lotions which you rub daily into your scalp. About one-third of men using Regaine grow good hair, on-third get a fine re-growth, and the other third get insignificant or not re-growth. Still, the majority of the ones using it say at least they don`t lose much more hair. If you stop using it, the hair loss becomes as it was before. The effects of Regaine become notable after four months of use. Don`t forget to follow the instructions on the package.

– Take Propencia pills. The active substance of this drug is the finesteride. This treatment for male pattern baldness is among the class of drugs named 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. This enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase, is the one responsible for hair loss because it causes the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Consult a doctor before using Propencia and read carefully the instructions on the package, including the side effects.

– The FDA approved laser treatments for combating baldness, so you can use a lasercomb such as Hairmax. The good results of Hairmax are clinically proven. Hairmax can be use 3 times per week and results appear after about 8 weeks. Utilize the product as recommended for best results.

– Hormonal drugs are also a solution for baldness, but they must be taken under the supervision of an endocrinologist or a specialist in hormone therapy.

– You can go with hair transplant surgery, too. Unfortunately, this long-term solution is an expensive one.

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