Self-storage facilities are simply amazing. Plus, they can serve multiple purposes. In the case of those with a keen entrepreneurial spirit that want to find the best business idea with the lowest expenses, there are some simple and effective ones and you will be able to operate those from a storage unit. This will help you decrease the overall costs associated with running a business. Besides, you will have a far more productive business as compared to those run from the owner’s basement, living room or kitchen. Below are some of the best business ideas that can be operated from a storage unit.

Content provider

There is no better place to find peace and tranquillity than in a storage unit. Being a content creator and provider will most likely ask for more peace and quiet than you would ever be able to find in the comfortable premises of your home. Working from home as a content provider is significantly difficult, as you have plenty of distractions around you. You won’t be able to avoid those, no matter how hard you try. Set up a small desk and bring your laptop in one of the storage units Chesapeake located and get to work. The only arrangement that you will have to tackle is setting up some Wi-Fi connection in your storage unit and that’s all. Some modern storage facilities are even equipped with all the necessary means that you might need to beautifully operate your business from there.

eBay Business

it’s irrelevant what you’re selling on eBay or if you sell on another platform like Amazon or Esty. But you probably despise the thought of turning your living room into an order fulfilment centre. With the right planning and set up, every self-storage facility in your area can easily become an impressive and efficient order fulfilment facility for your e-Commerce business. Plus, you will be able to store everything in your portfolio there and you won’t eat up any more space in your living room.

Mr Fix It

If you have some handy skills and some professional tools, you can easily rent a self-storage unit and operate a repair business straight from it. Self-storage units offer just enough space to store your tools and spare parts and you can get the job done away from all the distractions at home. Plus, your garage will have the sole purpose of sheltering your cars and house belongings.

Vintage furniture shop

If you want to replace all your home furniture, you can easily put the old one up for sale in a self-storage unit. Plus, you can always buy old furniture, refurbish it and resell it for a higher price. It will most likely turn out to be a great business if you carefully operate it.

This is our top with business ideas that can be easily open and operated from storage units. Make sure to research each facility in detail, so you have higher comfort rates and higher success chances.

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