Unfortunately, more and more people want to improve their eyesight by using invasive methods. Besides being risky and very expensive, they cannot guarantee a permanent improvement for your vision. The good news is that there are many many ways to improve your eyesight naturally in a healthy and non-invasive manner.

Like any muscle of our body, our eyes need exercise in order to function well. Basically, they need to be strengthened so that your vision to be restored.

Long use of the computer and watching the television are some of the causes of your eyes becoming lazy. When vision is blurry, the first thing most people do is go to the optometrist and get corrective lenses. Of course, doctors make a healthy living by selling you glasses and contacts, so they do not offer you other solutions. You will need stronger and stronger lenses throughout the time because glasses actually deteriorate your vision.

The first thing you should do to improve eye vision is to relax your eyes. There are many methods that actually work. One of these methods is palming. You just need to warm up your hands and cover your eyes for several minutes. Make sure no light reaches your eyes through your hands. Repeat this technique every day for several times.

Taking breaks every hour off your computer or television is also advisable. This way, the eyes have the chance to relax and readjust. Looking for a long time at a fixed point damages your eyes, because they are supposed to look around. During this break, focus on things in the distance.

The Bates Method is a worldwide recognized technique that helps you to improve our eyesight in a natural way. This method was established in 1880 by Dr William H. Bates, a respected American ophthalmologist and it is a system of visual re-education. During this process, the patient relearns the habits of good vision, because most visual problems are caused basically by misuse of the visual system.

The techniques that are being used can cure overtime almost all common vision problems. Among the techniques are practicing central fixation, practicing memory and imagination, conscious shifting, Test Card practice, sun treatment, reading small prints and palming. The basis of the Bates Method is the concept of removing mental strain that underlies the actual physical tension. The Bates Method is an educational one and the basic rules can be learned in six to ten lessons. There are special teachers who provide these lessons.

Taking in account that billions are spent every year on vision correction options, do not be surprised if your optometrist is not exited for you to use these alternative techniques that can improve your eyesight in a natural and non invasive way.

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