The vast majority of men can’t have sexual intercourse for more than five minutes before ejaculating. They aren’t able to control ejaculation so that the sex can go on long enough for both partners’ enjoyment. Put simply, guys finish too quickly. Premature ejaculation is typically accompanied by emotional stress and, well, humiliation. Men take such great pride in their ability to perform in the bedroom, so, as you can imagine, they aren’t willing to admit that they climax sooner than expected. The good news is that men don’t have to live with this condition. There are things that can be done in order to make intercourse last longer. What are the causes of premature ejaculation, anyway? Continue reading to find out what factors play a role in this male sexual dysfunction.

Sexual inexperience  

Sexual inexperience is difficult to characterize. The reason for this is that there isn’t a normal of amount sex to have. Broadly speaking, a person who hasn’t had a lot of sexual partners is considered to be inexperienced. Men who are less sexually experienced are prone to having premature ejaculation. What happens is that guys worry too much about the quality of their erection. They aren’t able to fight their anxiety. Anxiety that comes in the shape of worries plays an important role in premature ejaculation, triggering a negative response in the body. Inexperienced partners find it impossible to control the way that they respond, the result being that intercourse is hurried and unsatisfactory.

Erectile dysfunction

Guys who can’t obtain or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse most likely suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is an on-going issue that is caused by a physical disorder. It can be caused by a serious medical condition, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity or heart disease. Not many people understand that premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand. Erectile dysfunction treatment can help with premature ejaculation. The medications produce a stronger erection, therefore helping enhance ejaculatory control. It is widely believed that the drugs lower the degree of arousal necessary for the hardening of the penis. According to experts at International Andrology London, modern treatment options help patients improve their ejaculation time. And who are we to argue with them?

Relationship problems

Every couple has their ups and down. Partners fight for many reasons, including money tidiness, relatives, and so on and so forth. Stress is ever-present in the relationship. The behaviour of the significant other makes a person feel unsafe and insecure. When they have relationship problems, guys don’t do so well in the bedroom. Due to the fact that they have unsatisfying relationships, they ejaculate prematurely. Giving up on sex is the last thing that men want to do, but their feel as if they don’t have a choice. Premature ejaculation isn’t solely men’s problem. Lengthy coitus is just as important for women. It’s therefore important to treat the sexual dysfunction and make intercourse more about pleasure than time. There are plenty of successful treatments that can be resorted to.


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