Playing any kind of sports is beneficial not only for your body, but also for your mind. It is commonly known that doing sports keeps you healthy and in a good shape and this is the reason why people of all ages are advised to do physical activities as often as possible. However, there are some important facets that people need to keep in mind when doing sports. People who want to play five-a-side football should do some research online and look for professional sports centres and websites such as can be a good place to start this research. Here is what you should NOT do when playing this kind of sports.

Going out on the field feeling too tired

The main difference between regular football and five-a-side football is the fact that since the number of players in the latter case is only five, people have to be focused and pay attention to every move they, their teammates and their opponents make. It is recommended not to go out on the field if you had a sleepless night and if you feel too tired, because you will not be able to play at your best. Make sure you have had a good sleep the night before the game.

Not moving too much on the field

The moment the game starts, players have to be focused and most important, they have to be active and fast. Each team in five-a-side football has only five players on the field, so the pressure is even bigger, compared to regular football. Players cannot afford staying for too long in only one place as it can happen in the case of regular football at some points in the game. They have to be in constant motion and to keep the ball in motion too. This is even twice more important for the goalkeeper.

Getting distracted too easily

As it was previously mentioned, staying focused all the way through the game is the most important facet of five-a-side football. You should not pay attention to things that might get you distracted, because this will only make you useless in the eyes of your teammates and a weak player in the eyes of your opponents. Even a couple of seconds can make the difference between winning the game and losing it.

Believing that you are the best player in your team

Football is about being a fair-play player and about learning how to work with a team. Under any circumstances should you be a self-centred type of person. Believing that you are the man of the match, the one who managed to score the winning goal will only make your teammates want not to play in the same team with you anymore, thus making your reputation suffer. You have to understand that every member of the team is important, not only you.

Overall, these are the main things that five-a-side players should not do the moment they start playing this kind of sports. Having a strong and balanced team is the key to success.

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