Having a beautiful manicure is one of the little treats every woman wants, and they totally miss it when they do not have the time to go to the beauty centre. As soon as they have a little free time, they book a session and they get to the salon to have their nails cared by a professional. However, sometimes the results do not last for a long period, because when having your nails done with usual nail polish, it would not last longer than one week, and it would start to chip. But, in modern society you have the possibility to have beautiful nails for a long time, because beauty centres as igbeauty.com offer services like led gel nails polish. With this new type of manicure, you not only that would enjoy having beautiful models on your nails, but you will have long nails for at least a month. If you have not tried gel manicure yet, this might be the right time for you to do it, because you would definitely love it.

What the process of applying the gel implies?

Before heading to the salon, you should know some basic info about this process. The specialist will file and clean your nails as for a normal manicure, and it would give them the shape you want. The following step would be to buff the top of the nail for removing the natural shine and allowing the gel to adhere better on the nail. The professional will not cut your cuticles, but will pushed them back. The next step would be to apply the primer and the first layer of UV gel. You will have to place your nails in the UV light box every time a new layer of gel is applied, and the specialist would create on the last gel layer the model you require.

Why gel nails are such a big hit?

Women prefer this type of manicure because the gels used make your nails harder and stronger than a normal gel would do. Also, because they have these properties, they give you the opportunity to wear them longer, without having to worry that they might wear off, or you might experience any dents. You should not have the wrong impression that fi the gels are created to make your nails stronger, they would affect your nails, because they are actually protecting them. When taking the gel off, women are surprised to see that their nails are not snagged, broken, torn or peeled, they are great looking actually. In addition, when this procedure offers women the possibility to grow their nails longer than they use to, because the gel protects them and they do not brake so easily. If you had never had long nails, this is the perfect procedure, which allow you to grow them as long as you want, and embellish them with different models and patterns. The gel nails are so loved by women, that different painting techniques were developed for meeting the different requirements women have, when it comes to colour, shape and model.

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