A PhD education degree is the ultimate certification a person can get when pursuing a career in education, increasing one’s skills and proficiencies and helping people achieve their professional objectives. In order to obtain a doctorate however, you first need to complete your master’s degree. Upon completion, there are two directions you can follow, a PhD education degree or an EdD. The two certifications don’t have a lot of differences, as they are both recognized as bearing equal weight from an academic point of view. The only significant difference seems to be that the EdD, which stands for education degree, is more focused on the practical side of education, more project based. The PhD, which stands for Doctor of Philosophy, has a more theoretical nature and it’s based mostly on research. Whatever path you decide to take, having a PhD education degree will prove most helpful, as you will be able to opt for better jobs and positions, have higher salary demands, not to mention that you will open yourself up to a lot more job opportunities.

A PhD education degree will enable you to seek for school leadership jobs or for a good position in the administration of a university or any other upper education institutions, not to mention that you could be part of curriculum development or educational research projects. In order to obtain a PhD education degree you need to follow specialized programs, which usually require not only coursework, but also a final exam and a dissertation paper. The coursework is generally the equivalent of 15 classes, but depending on the program and the university of choice, it can even take up to 8 years to complete your PhD education degree.

Therefore, if you decide you are more suitable in the role of academic research, such as educational theorist, policy maker or teacher educator at a university level, then you should definitely pursue a PhD education degree. The programs that provide the possibility of getting this degree focus greatly on theory development, on research that can support or affirm the need to change the existing educational knowledge. The dissertation paper that is required at the end of the coursework is also research based. It is an individual project that you need to thoroughly put together and present new ideas in the field of education, based on the research you conducted.

A PhD education degree is a great opportunity for those students who wish to get actively involved in the field of education, the exhaustive process of teaching and learning at any level, who wish to change things for the better and provide future generations with a new and improved educational system. Becoming a teacher or an educational theorist requires not only strong knowledge of the processes involved in pedagogy, but also critical thinking and knowledge of human values, skills that can be acquired through the pursuit of a PhD education degree. In addition to that, the opportunities that become available to you once you complete the degree are, as mentioned above, numerous and various and can help you achieve your professional goals.


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